Kesar Kaju Katli

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Weight: 250g

Kesar Kaju Katli is known to be a luxurious sweet delicacy renowned for its rich flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Made primarily from finely ground cashews, sugar, and flavored with the exquisite essence of saffron. The saffron not only imparts a vibrant golden hue but also lends a distinct floral aroma and subtle sweetness to the delicate cashew fudge. It is topped with edible silver foil, adding to its opulent appeal and making it a cherished gift during festive occasions.

Cashew Sweets

Best Before - 9 Days

1Kg - 55 Pcs Approx.

Allergen Information - Dairy, Nuts


Cashew nut, Sugar, Saffron, Silver Leaves

Nutritional Values

 Nutritional Values (Per 100 Gms)
Total Energy 461 Kcal.
Carbohydrates 53.20 g
Total Fat 21.70 g
Saturated Fat
11.30 g
Trans-fat 0.22 g
Cholesterol BDL
Dietary Fibre 1.40 g
Protein 13.20 g
Total Sugar 43.20 g
Added Sugar As Sucrose 41.00 g

11.00 g

Approx. Values Only